Music Improvisation & Poems
by Henry Koek

I love expressing sounds in the moment. Sometimes it is just me and my voice or me and an instrument. I improvise alone or together with others and in the group Nos Namajs, and with Arnold Cabott  in GOM.

I use my own poems or poems from others to bring them in a sferic of sound, interaction of fibration, using a variety of instruments.

I live in France, Provence since 1997, born in The Netherlands.  

Henry Koek

Nos Namajs


Influenced by the shaman spirit, our free improvised music is an invitation to an uncanny journey.

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Music Improvisation


Music for me is one of the tools to express feelings and atmospheres. Like poetry is. I like to combine the two into sound poetry.

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Live performance

Nos Namajs 2015

Every now and then we have improvisation sessions for audience, mainly in the south of France.

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More of Henry Koek on Soundcloud

I love the opportunities and platform that Soundcloud offers. You will find many of my projects there.

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