Music improvisation & collaboration

Music for me is one of the tools to express feelings and atmospheres. Like poetry is. I like to combine the two into sound poetry.

My innerworld is a source of inspiration. Thanks to Soundcloud once in a while a collaboration with other musicians occur to create on distance.

On my Soundcloud page you will find examples of these collaborations:

With André Darius – Live improvisation together

With Alain de Fombelle – Live improvisation L’ouïe l’a vue, a project of visual artist Alain de Fombelle, together with Nos Namajs

With Urban-Ballshit (gitarist from Toulouse)  – We created a tribute to Daevid Allen (deceased 13 March 2015), cofounder of Softmachine in the UK and GONG in France.

With Free Variety Theatre – Honouring the book ‘Das Perlenspiel’ of Herman Hesse.

With Birgit – Sound & voice improvisation

With Ruud West – part of a serie Voice of Evolution

Henry Koek


Improvisation solo and with others


Free Variety Theatre In Tribute to H.H.


Collaboration in improvisation

Live Performance

Every now and then
you can find me
live on stage
with Nos Namasj and others.

For the upcoming events, check my Facebook.

Here some impressions of live performances

September 2014 in Nice. Duo Nefes: Jean-Baptiste Boussougou & Henry Koek. Henri Roger (piano) sponteneously joined after the break.

11 december 2015 live performance ( spontaneous music & v-jing ) ASILE 404 Marseille, Camille Thilloy and Nos Namajs.

Nos Namasj with Alexander Cutteridge (trumpet) and Ed Afraux (guitar).

Nos Namasj Chromesthesia


Natural Sources

Native Circle

Pandora’s Jar

Beyond Invisible

The Story Unfolds

GOM to Mars

Soul Circus